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Commercial Manager, Gavin Harrison and Team Boss, Alan McSkimming have been out and about again and popped in to see Craig Murray at The Angus Trophy Centre


What is your company name?

Angus Trophy centre


What does your company offer customers?

Angus Trophy Centre has been trading in the High Street of Carnoustie for close on 8 years now. We provide trophies, giftware and personalisation to all of Angus and further afield. Antarctica is the only continent we have not done business with so far!


We also provide trophies for some high profile organisations; for example – Dundee F.C., Heart of Midlothian F.C., Arbroath F.C., Scottish Car of the Year Awards, Central FM. The list goes on.
What’s your own position within the company and what does that role entail?

I’m the proprietor


Where about is your company based?

We’re based at 60 High Street, Carnoustie.


Do you have any social media platforms or a company website? (Please provide link)

Yes, we have a website and also a facebook page.


Do you have any previous links to the club or is this your first connection with CPFC?


We are very proud of the fact that we have provided sponsorship for many local youth and sport organisations over the past 8 years and have a continuing relationship with Carnoustie Panmure F.C from the seniors all the way down the youth ranks too.

I play in the over 35’s team (hopefully I’ll get a call up to the seniors soon!) and I also help run the Carnoustie Panmure FC Football Action against Dementia group with the clubs commercial manager, Gavin Harrison.


Commercial Manager Gavin Harrison said “Craig Murray at Angus Trophy Centre has become a very good friend of mine in recent years (despite where our footballing loyalties lie). As mentioned above, we run the football action against dementia group in Carnoustie once a month, however I have been a customer for a good few years now from my days managing my own football clubs. Craig always goes out of his way to ensure that the trophies are the right ones for you, offering a variety of options and at brilliant prices too. He is a true asset to the community and town of Carnoustie and this was exactly the kind of business I hoped would become involved with ourselves.

As part of our sponsorship package, we also have the Angus Trophy Centre logo across the shoulders of our home kits.”

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