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In the latest of our lockdown interviews we spoke to defender, midfielder and coach, Paddy Conway

Hi Paddy, How are you coping with the new restrictions of due to the virus?

I wouldn’t say coping, boredom is setting in, football is my getaway, be it training or coaching and usually takes up four nights a week and all weekend so trying to fill that gap is not easy

What have you been doing to keep yourself ticking over?

I have been out for a few runs with Ollie and doing some core work but the comfort eating is having an impact lol

Our worlds revolve around football but in the current situation it shows that it really isn’t that important?

Agreed it puts it into perspective, the unknown and changing daily situation is extremely worrying its all about getting through this challenge and looking after everyone, the social side of the squad is the biggest miss, the banter with the skipper and his adopted father always brightens up my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday along with Goggs and his ridiculous fines as well as the general foolery that goes on in the changing room

A lot of people are looking for recommendations for Box Sets to watch, what can you recommend ?

I have been watching White Gold over the last few days which is decent, if stuck I always go back to Prison Break or Game of Thrones

A new feature we are looking is stand out albums, a classic for me growing up was Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 what is your stand out album?

Still cant see past Oasis (What’s The Story) Morning Glory

Finally, Jamie admitted to converting his shed into a man cave for himself and the skipper. Do you know anything about it ?

Yeah this has been ongoing for a few months, the skipper just doesn’t want to leave Jamie’s side, how Lyn is coping I don’t know, I also heard that with the skipper due to take exams in the coming months he is needing someone that knows what he has supposedly been studying for the last 5 years to fill him in as he hasn’t a clue what he is doing

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