Club Constitution

Carnoustie Panmure Football Club Constitution


  1. Title
    The club shall be known as ‘Carnoustie Panmure Football Club’. And shall from here on in be referred to as ‘the club’
  2. Objective
    The objective of the club is to foster and develop the game of Association Football in Carnoustie. Under the auspices of the relevant governing association
  3. Association
    The club shall be a member of the charitable organisation Carnoustie Panmure Football Club(SCIO) (Charity Number), while continuing to run as a separate entity while working alongside the charity to improve facilities and opportunities for football in Carnoustie.
  4. Organisation
    The business and affairs of the club shall be under the Operations Board, consisting of not more than 6 members who will be responsible for the day to day running of the club. The Operations Board will comprise of Chief Executive, Finance Director, Facility Director, Team Manager plus one other who may be invited to advise on decisions. A majority is required of the five members

The General Committee will meet bi-monthly to discuss club matters and will consist of the Operations Board plus the and up to a maximum 10 other                      committee members to a total of 15.


  1. Membership
    The membership will consist of Committee Members, Associate Members and Honorary Life Members:

    • Committee Members:
      These members are involved with the grass roots function of the club and have a responsibility to attend a minimum of 4 meetings per year, including the AGM. .
      Resignations should be put in writing and addressed to the General Manager and will be acknowledged by return.
      Committee Members are exempt from admission charges.
    • Associate Members:
      These members are those who assist with various roles within the club, but are not involved with the day to day running or decision making. There is no obligation for Associates Members to attend the club’s AGM although it is strongly preferred by the Committee.
      Associate Members are entitled to free admission to all home games.
    • Honorary Life Members:
      Previous Committee or Associate Members, in recognition of services rendered to the club, can be given the distinction of Honorary Life Membership, on recommendation from the Management Committee at an ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, providing it is passed by 2/3s of the members present.
      Honorary Life Members are entitled to free admission to all home games
  2. Election of Committee Members
    The Chief Executive, Finance Director, Facility Director and remaining Committee Members shall be elected annually at the club’s AGM.


  1. Committee Meetings
    The Operations Board will meet as and when required but at least once a month, while the General Committee will meet every 2 months throughout the year. The date of each meeting will be on the first Thursday of July, September, November, January, March and May
  2. Special Meetings
    A special meeting may be called by the Chief Executive to consider any matter and a minimum of 7 days’ notice of the date, time and place of such a meeting is given. Only the reason for calling the meeting may be discussed at such a meeting.
  3. General Manager
    The Chief Executive, followed by the Facility Director, followed by the Finance Director takes precedence at all meetings of the Club and on questions, in which these is equity of votes the Chief Executive, has the casting vote. In his absence, the Facility Director has the deciding vote and if he is not present then the vote rests with the Finance Director.
  4. Records
    The Facility Director will take minutes of all meetings and circulate prior to the next meeting.

The accounting year will run from 1st July to 30th June.


The Finance Director will maintain proper accounting records and submit financial statements at each AGM for the previous accounting year.


Management accounts will be reported after approximately 6 months so members are aware how well the Club is doing mid-season.


Cheques will be signed by the Finance Director plus any one from the following: Facility Director, or any other Committee Member deemed necessary to be            a signatory.

  1. Admission Charges
    The Admission Charges for matches shall be set by the SJFA and East Region SJFA


  1. Annual General Meeting
    The AGM will be held at the first opportunity following the auditing of the previous year’s accounts, with the date being set at the July Committee Meeting.


Notice of the AGM will be given in the local press at least 7 days before the meeting, by the Chief Executive and publicised on the club website and Social                 Media platforms.


The Finance Director will submit the financial statements at the AGM.

The order of business will be set as follows;

  • Roll call
  • Period of Remembrance (if required)
  • Approve the minutes of the last AGM
  • Matters arising
  • Chief Executives Address, Report and Questions
  • Finance Directors Report, Financial Statements and Questions
  • Team Mangers Report & Questions
  • Amendments to the Constitution
  • AOCB


  1. Auditors
    A professional auditor or two members of the club will be appointed to audit the accounts.
  2. Alteration of Rules
    Any proposed change to the constitution must be passed to the Chief Executive who will arrange for the matter to be considered at the next Committee Meeting, Special Meeting or AGM. A 2/3s majority of the members present will be required to pass such an alteration.
  3. Dissolution of The Club
    A motion to have the club dissolved can only be carried if it is supported by 2/3 of those members present at the AGM. If the club is to be dissolved, 3 Trustees will be appointed from the Committee Members and any surplus assets, will be held in a trust. If a football club reforms in Carnoustie under the auspices of Scottish Junior Football Association within 10 years of such dissolution, the Trustees, at their discretion can hand over whole or part of the assets to such a club. If no such club is reformed and 10 years pass, the Trustees will distribute any of the surplus assets to sports clubs operating in Carnoustie and the surrounding area, in their sole discretion that they think fit and proper.

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