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Good afternoon everybody and I hope you are all staying safe and well, if you are feeling any of the effects of the Covid-19 virus then you are in our thoughts at what is a difficult time. I am sure we all know somebody who is still at work in an essential position and again our thoughts are with them and I am sure you will join us as a club in thanking them for all that they are doing.

For the club it is a difficult time, we were two thirds of the way through a season that had seen us lead the Super League North from day one, recording a record points tally as well as scoring a record number of goals in the top division. I am asked on an almost daily basis what is happening to this season and the honest answer is I really don’t know. We all know that the powers that be have two basic choices, ending the season now or restarting once clearance is given, both have their positive and negative points. My real concern is that the easy option of voiding the season will be taken because of the changes that are due to occur to the Junior game involving more clubs joining the East of Scotland League and clubs in the West joining the new West of Scotland League. Their does appear to be an attitude from some quarters of “ah well, this season doesn’t matter any way”, well I can tell them that it is very much not the case for everybody involved with Carnoustie Panmure, we feel that either the season ends as it is with teams in their current positions or we restart when advised it is safe to do so and I will be doing my very best to lobby for one of those options rather than scratching the 2019/20 season from the record books.

Financially it is a very difficult time for the club and the future will remain tough, we have a number of overheads that remain despite the lack of games and our major fund raiser, The Gowfers Gamble has been suspended along with us losing a number of events that would have definitely swelled the coffers, that is why the £320 raised from Saturdays Virtual Grand National is vital and I would like to thank everybody that took part once again. We appreciate times are hard but we do have our Gofundme page that will be used for fundraising during this suspension of games and if you are able to help us then it would be very much appreciated.

We have to remain positive and we are already looking at the new season, although the start date is a little hazy to say the least. Coming out of the current crisis will remain difficult for everybody and we appreciate that businesses will not be able to see supporting a football club as a top priority but we have a number of plans to help us and our business friends in the local area, the first of which we will be announcing shortly.

I mentioned earlier that clubs would be leaving us again during the summer and the Junior game is in a crisis of its own although irrelevant in the bigger scale of things at the present time. As it stands we will be part of a Tayside & Angus League that will sit alongside a predominantly Lothian league, however, that has still to be finalised. I am not 100% sure what the final structure will look like as work still goes on behind the scenes towards us being part of the SFA pyramid but I can assure you that we will be looking at the best options for Carnoustie Panmure FC and if we feel that it would be of benefit to us as a club, will look at all options.

I am sorry I can’t give you any more solid information but once we have something to tell you then you will be kept fully up to date.
Thank you for you continued support, please stay at home and safe and well.

Mark Johnson
General Manager

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