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We are back with our latest Lockdown Interview and this time its goalkeeper Jamie Robbie in the hot seat

So Jamie,How are you coping with the restrictions of virus ?

It hasn’t been too bad so far as I have been doing bits for work and been for plenty walks with my partner and the dog, however, I am missing training. As goalkeepers we tend to train on our own most of the time but the highlight of the week is Danny’s update on which body part has fallen off of him…

What have you been doing to keep yourself ticking over?

I have been following Shaggy’s (Derek Paterson) daily workout which has been enjoyable so far! Have also been for a few runs which is horrendous.

Our worlds revolve around football but it the current situation shows that it really isn’t that important?

Yes, it has certainly put everything into perspective. All we can do is stay safe until this has blown over.

A lot of people are looking for recommendations for Box Sets to watch, what can you recommend ?

I would recommend The Sopranos – couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have watched this.

We have been asking for everybody’s stand out album’s 

Mine would have to be Oasis, Familiar to Millions as I grew up listening to this album.

Finally, what are your thoughts on the revelation that the skipper is living in Jamie Winters shed ?

I think it’s been great for Ryan. From what I have heard, his behaviour has been improving and Jamie has started letting him in the house for meal times.

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