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Unfortunately due to time constraints “The Manager” is missing from this weeks programme so we are publishing it here on the website

Over to you Alan

“During my four years in charge of the club there have been many highs and lows, and following the defeat to Broughty Athletics on Wednesday evening it’s definitely down there with one of my lowest points.


Yes we have been beaten in our first four games of the season, yes we have conceded a number of goals during this game and yes we have had a number of yellow and red cards showing a huge lack of discipline, however the panic button has not been pressed and I am as disappointed as our loyal supporters of the club will be too.


However you will not hear me looking for excuses, blaming officials or looking to shirk responsibility for this, we are where we are because league positions do not lie but there are reasons for this.


Our thread bare young squad is massively depleted at the moment due to injuries and we have had no fewer than 6 to 9 boys missing for almost every game this season, so I can see that our young squad is starting to feel the pressure and cracks are showing.


The performance in the first four games have been much of the same, performed well in spells but too many individual errors that have led to us conceding sloppy goals and needless cards. What I want to make clear to everyone that our discipline or lack of, it is not acceptable in any way and it will not be tolerated by me or the club. The players involved have not only let me, their team mates, the club down but most importantly themselves and they are all be punished by the club for their actions.  


We operate with an 18 man squad that can accommodate the odd injury or two however when we are constantly down to the bare bones it becomes a real challenge. At the moment we become reliant on using local Carnoustie Panmure youth players and trialists to fill the void. Since pre season we have been inundated with injuries to a level that I have never experienced, and the players that are missing are absolutely crucial to what we are building at the club and would pretty much be up there with the first names on the team sheet.


We need all of our 18 man squad to be fit and available because the standard is that high in the Superleague that without we will struggle to compete


We feel everyone’s frustrations however we ask for support during this time, and I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to get players back and our season kicked started.


As always thank you for support and we look forward to the next game.

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