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Welcome back to “What A Strike” our new blog, I am once again joined by Jamie Winter for this is the fifth episode and we will be looking back at the Euro Quarter Finals and ahead to the Semi Finals as well as speaking to Jamie about a couple of things about the Gowfers.

So starting off with the Quarter Finals and both Jamie and I predicted three of the four Semi Finalists with the only one we got wrong being Switzerland who lost on penalties to Spain, what were your thoughts on the Quarter Finals Jamie “I thought they were outstanding games to watch for the viewer, in particular the first half of the Italy and Belgium was exceptional, total football and so good to watch.”

I can’t argue with you, the Spain and Switzerland game was almost a typical British type game with both sides going hammer and tongs at each other and eventually they seemed to tire each other out. Italy are getting the job done but against Belgium they turned on the style and will take some beating. If I am honest I was a bit disappointed with Denmark v Czech Republic, the Czechs didn’t seem to live up to the levels they had reached before in the tournament and Denmark took advantage, I thought Dohlberg and Poulsen were excellent and they were brilliantly led by Kjaer.

Obviously I have a vested interest in the other Quarter Final but as an onlooker, England were excellent and people are beginning to see that Gareth Southgate knows what he is doing, however, I am not fully behind the thought that England are favourites, for me that is the Italians and with my England hat on, I would love Spain to beat them.

Moving on to the Semi Finals then, as I have mentioned my heart wants Spain to win but my head cant go past Italy, they have been excellent and 32 games unbeaten is crazy. The look solid at the back, creative in midfield with goals up top and with a manager that isn’t scared of taking a chance in Maldini “ I think most games have been tight but I’m going throw it out there and say comfortable wins for both Italy and England, I just think there both hitting peak form at the right time.”

It has been mentioned particularly by the media up here in Scotland and specifically by Craig Burley that England have had it easy with all but one game at Wembley, what are your thoughts Jamie ? “For me personally I don’t understand why they are not just playing all the games in one country but it is what it is, I don’t think it makes much of a difference,  these players have played with no atmosphere for so long now they are craving fans regardless of its home or away.”

So we are agreed Italy v England in the final then.

Lets move on to matters at Laing Park and last weekend saw the game at Hermes cancelled as a precaution, how are things looking ? “Things are looking good the squad is taking shape it was great for our strikers, Ziggy and new addition Dale to get off the mark last weekend against Newburgh, there were some great performances and the boys are looking fit. It was also great to see young Connor Coupe shake off a small injury and get himself back on the pitch, weighing in with a goal.”

It’s going to be a busy start to the season but we do have a rest on August 21st after we got a bye in the First Round of the Scottish Junior Cup, it will be important that we hit the ground running. “ It’s going be a busy period and everyone’s going to need to be really fit and play there part as there are a lot of games to be played in the early months.”

Finally, The Highland League announced the creation of the Pyramid in the North of Scotland with the Midland League feeding in to the Highland league, what are your thoughts on Carnoustie being part of the Highland League in a few years time ?

“ I think it’s great news for the club, I just wish it was happening a lot sooner as I’m not sure my old legs will manage to be part of that in the three or four years it could take to get there.”

It is a brilliant move, we have been fully in favour of the pyramid from the start but the Lowland League route wasn’t our ideal solution geographically and now heading North is a much better solution for us but understand that is purely for us.

Once again thanks for joining us and we will be back to review the Semi Finals and preview the Euro Final as well as our game against Dyce at the weekend.

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