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As we try and keep things ticking over, with the current season suspended, in our second interview we have been talking to midfielder, Back Onside ambassador and Ryan Roche’s landlord, Jamie Winter.

Hi Jamie, How are you coping with the restrictions of Covid-19?

Like everyone else,  having to just try and get on with it.. Its not a great situation but I’m hoping everyone’s staying safe and this all passes soon enough

What have you been doing to keep yourself ticking over?

I have a treadmill in the house but because of the nice weekend weather managed to get out for a run along the beach, it’s horrible especially on your own but it passes time and gets some fresh air

Our worlds revolve around football but it the current situation shows that it really isn’t that important?

No its very much a big eye opener for everyone and its all about just getting through this and being as safe as possible .. I don’t actually miss the football side of things too much yet.. It’s more seeing the guys and the social banter side of things that’s tough to take just now. I’m sure the longer this drags on though I’m gonna really start to miss the feeling of match days and everything it brings

Back Onside have had a lot of press with Scotland Captain Andy Robertson making a sizeable donation but the charity has been incredibly busy.

Yeah it’s been a tough time for the charity with the uncertainty of donations and planned events being cancelled it’s made it a very worrying time for Libby and the team, add to that the fact that their phones have been ringing double the amount as usual with the effect its having on every day society, it’s sending peoples anxiety and worry through the roof.  Andy’s donation was nothing short of remarkable, to see someone of his level stepping in when it’s required the most and offer his help, I can’t speak highly enough of the man

A lot of people are looking for recommendations for Box Sets to watch, what can you recommend

I can’t see past The Office.. I’ve watched it so many times and still makes me laugh every time

A new feature we are looking at is stand out albums, a classic for me growing up was Housemartins London 0 Hull 4,  what is your stand out album?

Familiar to millions Oasis…

Finally, the rumour is that you have converted your shed into a Man Cave for yourself and the skipper. What sort of things do you have in there?

Yeah it’s true, he was always pestering me to come round and visit so after discussing with the wife we were happy for him to settle in the shed. He has all the home comforts,  a swing and plenty of chew toys. Over the weekend I managed to get a batch of stress balls as he’s constantly studying for exams, so it keeps him happy and out of trouble

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