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We are carrying on with our Lockdown Interviews this week and we had a chat with striker Ryan Dignan and he threw more light on the bromance between Jamie and the skipper

How are you coping with the restrictions of virus ?

I feel like the restrictions are just an extension of my normal working day to be honest. I usually work from home during the day so that’s not changed much. Right now I’d say I’m coping fine but I definitely miss the fresh air and the freedom of being able to do as you please outside. Football being a massive part of that.

What have you been doing to keep yourself ticking over?

Apart from work, I’ve been passing the time on my PS4, watching some movies and boxsets. My girlfriend Alex has been staying since Lockdown was announced and she has managed to keep me company. Some rest and a few home workouts have helped me with my injury recovery.

Our worlds revolve around football but it the current situation shows that it really isn’t that important?

Football has been a massive part of my life since I can remember. To now be outside that bubble, you start to appreciate the bigger picture. These are uncertain times for everyone and football really is put aside for us as players right now.

A lot of people are looking for recommendations for Box Sets to watch, what can you recommend ?

I’ve seen a good number of boxsets and a few stick out that I’d recommend watching. Dexter, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and El Chapo. For a comedy series, you can’t go wrong with Arrested Development and The Office.

A new feature we are looking is stand out albums, a classic for me growing up was Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 what is your stand out album?

I’m more of a single track listener than full albums as I feel most are filled with songs for the sake of it. A couple of albums I listened to growing up, several times over were Hot Fuss by the Killers and American Idiot by Green Day. Each album has great songs throughout.

Finally, what are your thoughts on the revelation that the skipper is living in Jamie Winters shed ? 

The skipper’s admiration for Jamie has been apparent for some time to be honest. Whether this is down to his footballing skill or the fact Jamie puts an extra clementine in his packed lunch I can’t quite put my finger on. Fair play to Jamie for keeping the skipper entertained because he can be hard work at times. I have heard from Jamie that they often play hide and seek. The skipper set a new record recently by remaining unseen for 6 hours. The fact the skipper was hiding under a bed with his head popping out the bottom is a bit dubious on Jamie’s part though.











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